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The Urals
The territory of the Urals lies both in Europe and Asia. The Urals is more than two thousand kilometers long from north to south. The shortest distance from west to east is only two hundred kms. The mountains of the Urals are not very high. The highest mountain is Narodnaya (1895 m).
The climate is cold especially in the northern part. The tє in winter is often more than 20 degrees below zero. In the south the climate is warmer. In summer the tє is very high.
The Urals is covered by great forests, which are called the taiga. There are many big and small rivers such as the Pechora, the Kama and the Chusovaya, the Ural, and lakes: Tavatui, Argazi, Turgoyak.

The map of the Urals

The territory of the Urals is divided into some regions, such as: the Polar Urals, the North Urals, the Middle Urals and the South Urals.
The population consists of many nationalities, which speak different languages.
The Urals has highly developed industry. The plants and factories produce different products: heavy machines, airplane motors, bicycles, chemical products, clothes, and others.
The Urals is reach in nature recourses: oil, gas, coal, and minerals.

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