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Permskyi Krai
We live in Permskyi Krai. It is situated in the west of the Urals. Our region is bounded by Kirov region and Sverdlovsk region and also by the Komi Autonomous Republic, the Udmurt and Bashkir Republics. The population in our region is about 4 million people.
The Perm territory consists of 31 districts; it has many towns and villages. In the north-western part of our region there is the Komi – Permyatskyi district.
There are the Urals in our region, which are not very high. The highest mountain is 1469 meters long. The Urals divide our country into two parts: Europe and Asia.
Perm region is rich in minerals.

Kungur cattedral

There are a lot of rivers in this region: the Kama, the Vishera, the Chusovaya, the Sylva, the Kolva and others. The Kama is the Fourth longest river in Europe. It is 1.805 km in length. The scientists think that the Kama flows into the Caspian Sea.
The climate in this area differs from the northern parts to the southerns. It is mostly continental. The mean temperature in winter is 150 C below zero and in July the temperature is 180 C above zero.
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