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Perm is the largest city in the Prikamye area, the centre of the Perm Region.
The city is situated on the Kama river. The Kama is the fourth longest river in Europe.
Perm has an area of 720 sq.km. The city stretches along the Kama for 65 km. In the Commonwealth of Independent states Perm is the second in size only to Moscow and Kiev. Its population is over 1100000 people. The city is divided into 7 districts.

The river-boat station, railway stations, Bolshoye Savino and Bakharevka airports are the city’s “gates”.
Perm is one of the big industrial, scientific and cultural centres in our country. The history of Perm is rather intresting. Our city was founded by Tatishchev in 1723. He is belived to be the founder of Perm. Tatishchev was an outstanding mining engineer, a historian and geographer.
In 1723 it was he who planned and supervised the construction of the Yegoshihinsky Copper Works founded a factory settlement near the small river Yegoshiha, a tributary of the Kama. This marked the beginning of our city’s existence.
A few famous people worked, studied and lived there. Among them were P. Bazhov, Mamin-Sibiryak, the famous poet Kamensky; the first landscape painter in the Urals Vereshagin, the outstading writer A.Gaidar and others.

The city is heavily industrialized. There are 80 plants and factories in Perm. Perm’s industries produce aircraft engines, electrical appliances, telephones, bicycles, washing powder, clothes, furniture and so on.
Perm is scientific and educational centre of the Permskyi Krai. Perm has over 30 research and design industries, 7 higher education establishments, one military schools. In Perm there are 10 technical, 30 vocational schools and over 120 secondary schools.
The Gorky State University of Perm founded in 1916 is the oldest institution of higher education in the Urals. Perm University has established cooperation with the University of Oxford.
Perm is a cultural centre in Russia. There are four state theatres in Perm, an opera house, a drama theatre, a puppet-show, a theatre of young spectator. The P.I.Tchaikovsky Perm State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is reputed to be one of the best theatres in our country. It was at our theatre that such ballet stars as N.Pavlova and O.Chenchikova began their careers. There are 14 cinemas in Perm. The Central Entertainment Gorky Park is the popular place where a lot of people like to spend their time.
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