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Dear, Carol
Thank you very much for your letters which we received on February 3. We were very glad and happy. We are sending you 8 letters. Please ask your students to answer us as soon as possible. We will be waiting. Some letters are for definite students, some ones are for someone you like. Our boys wants to correspond with your girls.
Lets return to me. My hobby is knitting and sewing. And I like English. I hope that our corresponding helps me to know English well and my students will practice a language. Unfortunately I have a little time because of many lessons at school and I don’t have a computer at home. I am looking forward for your reply.
Yours, Irina
Категория: Письма | Добавил: bbc (20.11.2007) | Автор: Пепеляева Ирина Сергеевна
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